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Are you passionate about the power of web conferencing and video conferencing (synchronous communications) to help your organization achieve its goals, whether it is STEM and literacy education, (click here for Literacy Report), training volunteers, sales, collaboration, or leadership development.  Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?  The technology is fantastic and it keeps getting better.  Quality of Experience - we advocate that it's the experience that counts.  It's about the people.  We need to have a "PEOPLE FIRST" mindset.

Does your organization have a vision and strategic plan for its use of web and video conferencing?  Is someone in the role of "organizational catalyst" to help you get more and more value from this technology? Do you offer coaching and training to enhance virtual performance?

The following links offer ideas.

Literacy Ahead  (3 minute movie)

Three Web Conferencing Styles

Services:  Virtual Classroom and Virtual Meetings

Web Conferencing and Sales - REVENUE

Web Conferencing - 16 Success Tips

Improve:  Virtual Meetings, Virtual Team Performance and Competencies (flash movie)

America Working Together

Collaboration Improvement Checklist and Fun Exercise
Six Web Conferencing  Publications - click here to learn more

Beyond Technology

Our roots are in management consulting, organizational development, and performance-based training and development.  We have strong business process, customer-focus, and coaching experience and we work with all sectors.

In 1992, we began using "synchronous, real time, different location" software for meetings and training.    

Our staff has experience with other technologies that improve client satisfaction and performance at the individual, work team, and organizational levels.

Our Motto is:  "Pay Attention to The People Side of Technology, Change, Adoption, and Quality of Experience."  In short, listen to and have empathy and respect for the people involved.

Please click on these links for more information: